Acc3pt Payments

Creating Trust in High-Value Transactions

We coordinate End to End transactions involving physical goods such as vessels, fine art, jewelery, auto, and property.

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We are an end-end coordinator of High Value Transactions involving physical goods such as vessels, fine art, jewelry, auto, and property.

Our standard Purchase Agreements can serve as a template for agreement with counterparty and across multiple specialists.

The core of our innovation involves integration of neutral qualified custodians for the escrow of funds, and for the inspection and authenticity of goods.

We enable you to use your own agents or ours.

After terms are finalized, we manage the agreement execution across the following areas.

Getting Started is Easy

Create a Transaction

We’ll ask you to provide the details of the item you wish to sell. This may include things like Item Condition, Serial Number, Product Images, Statements of Authenticity, Sale Price, etc. For a specific breakout of what is required for each item type, see the Item Type Requirements Page.

Send your item to our trusted custodian

Our Custodial partner will need additional information from you initially to set up your account. You’ll only need to do this once!

Authenticity Certification

Our custodian will verify the authenticity of your item based on the description you have provided, this provides certainty to the buyer.


All items are covered by Acc3pt’s insurance partners from your door to the buyer's door.

Shipping & Handling

Method of shipment is customized for the specific needs of your item.

Receive proof of payment

Once the buyer has funded their custody account, you will receive notification and can sign the purchase agreement. At this point there is no way for either party to back out of the sale unless our custodian identifies an issue with the item itself.

Funds released with item delivery confirmation

Once the item is validated by our custodian, it will be delivered to the buyer and the buyer’s funds will now be held in your name. The funds will then be transferred to the bank account provided by you

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